I’m a professional food blogger, food photographer and stylist based in Volos, Greece. I can work remotely and on location. I enjoy making vivid food table scenes and drool-worthy close ups. I can create images with flattering light, soft or hard, with human element, strong color theory or motion. If you are a brand, a restaurant, a magazine or a food business, who would like to work with me, you can explore the options down below. 

Food & Product Photography

As a Food and Product Photographer, I love making the hero of my image pop through color stories and vivid textures. I can provide to your business a variety of shooting styles. I can either create bright, light and airy or dark and moody images. Whatever is your choice, I’m here to help you grow with powerful content that’ll narrate the storytelling behind your brand.

Are you ready to bring you product to the next level with high quality images?

Recipe Development

As a food blogger who’s baking and cooking half of her life, I’d be glad to help your brand through recipe development. I can create original recipes with your product, that will connect my audience with you.

Are you ready to make some drool worthy recipes together?

Photography For Bloggers

As a food blogger myself, I know how busy are food bloggers managing many different business operations. I also know that some bloggers are struggling with food photography due to the lack of equipment or time. I’m here to relive some of that stress and help you by creating content and images, that will draw consistent traffic to your food blog.

Are you ready for more traffic and less worries?

If you like my style and you have any other proposal in which we can work together, please do not hesitate to contact me! I’d be happy to listen to your thoughts.